At Pajaro Pastures, we are actively growing our local food system through: high-quality food production, educational farm tours, ecological consulting services, and bio-regional collaboration.

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Doing a half goat rotisserie for a farm to table dinner in seabright on April 14th if you are interested send me your email and we will send invites when the tickets go on sale. Last month they sold out in four hours and there are only 40 spots!

I'll cross post the event page here when it is created.

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A short video about a farm with very similar practices. By diverting food waste from local businesses we fully utilize the resources that went into producing that food and in a way that improves the health of the soil and environment. Not to mention the animals love it! ... See MoreSee Less

TerraPurezza, a regenerative farm in Spicewood, Texas, produces pastured eggs, chicken and pork, as well as organic produce. They even use food waste from local grocers to help feed their animals. Check it out! terrapurezza.com

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Law of physics definitely don't apply to goatsies ... See MoreSee Less

The accepted 'laws of physics' which scientists agree describe or govern the behavior of the cosmos, do not, of course, apply to goats.

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True fact regarding poultry ... See MoreSee Less

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