Meat for Sale

We are excited to finally offer our meat to the public. Due to the current legislation all retail meat sold must be slaughtered in a USDA inspected facility and butchered in a state/county inspected commercial kitchen.

Easier and most economical way to buy meat is by the whole animal. We also offer halves, quarters, sausage, and ground meat.

Whole Animal
Carcass size and price per pound:

Goat: 45-65lbs @$12.50lb

Lamb: 45-65lbs @$10.50lb

Pork: 60lb or less $450/each
60lbs or more $7.50/lb

Custom Butchering add $1/lb

Ground Meats
Goat- $13/lb

Goat- $14/lb
Lamb- $12/lb
Pork- $9/lb